Wheels for Chinchillas

Published: 13th November 2010
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Chinchillas have the most amazingly soft fur but they are now mostly known as domesticated pets. You may think chinchillas look similar to ferrets and guinea pigs.

Chinchillas must be kept and confined to a fixed space otherwise known as a chinchilla cage. We are here to assist you in providing advice tips and practical information on your chinchillas cage and its ability to move around. Keeping your chinchilla is quite simple as long as you are willing to buy accessories such as chinchilla toys.

Your primary consideration is to keep your chinchilla healthy and just like human beings it needs to exercise.

Of course most of the time your Chinchilla will be in its cage which is its home and so it is important to put in cage accessories, toys and equipment in order to keep your Chinchilla mentally stimulated and occupied.

Many chinchilla owners buy accessories, one of the most popular is a chinchilla exercise wheel.

If you cannot take your chinchilla out of its cage on a very regular basis these chinchilla exercise wheels are just ideal for you. A chinchilla wheel is a device fixed in the cage which spins or rotates with the chinchilla either inside or on top of the wheel.

Of course as you would expect there are many different types of Chinchilla wheels. Many reviews of chinchilla wheels note the flying saucer as the best type of exercise wheel. This is a flat and round shaped wheel similar in looks to a bowl or plate. The chinchilla flying saucer requires a bit of training if you're your chinchilla is not to keep falling off with the centrifugal force. Chinchilla wheels are really a great source of entertainment for you and your family. The flying saucer exercise wheel takes up quite a large space inside your cage.

Cylinders are also a different type of chinchilla exercise wheel. Examples of Chinchilla wheels include the Giant Comfort Wheel, the Chin Spin exercise wheel, Home Made Wheel, Ed Wheel, 12" Leo Braun exercise wheel and Silver Surfer wheel.

Whatever type of Chinchilla exercise wheel you buy, consider the materials they are made out of. Don't just buy the cheapest chinchilla wheel you see available. Plastic wheels are liable to be chewed by the chinchilla which is not advisable of course.

Metal chinchilla wheels are usually the most expensive but the highest quality of exercise wheel available. Prices of exercise wheels vary greatly but the best ones are usually between 50 and hundred dollars.

Chinchilla exercise wheels are so important for the health and well-being of your Chinchilla. Healthy chinchillas are usually less withdrawn and more friendly making them better family pets. Just like a home your chinchillas cage needs to be stimulating and full of creature comforts and things to do.

Chinchillas are very sociable animals if you bring the best out of them. If you are going to keep a chinchilla as a pet please provide a large cage and plenty of accessories and toys.

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